Big Disappointments

Yesterday was cold and rainy, but I was excited that I was going to meet Mrs. Anglo-Swiss at the main train station in Zurich. We got there in good time, asked where the train from Mrs. Swiss’ city arrived, and waited. She never got off. Meanwhile. Mrs. Swiss arrived at completely the other side of this immense station and waited for us, finally going to the main entrance.  We all waited for an hour or more before giving up. Since I didn’t get a Swiss SIM card my phone doesn’t work as it usually does, but even so I would not have been able to receive messages from Facebook without wifi.

We went to a Starbucks where I logged on and learned the whole sad story. This has made me think aboutour dependence on these machines. 20 years ago we would have been a lot less casual about setting a meeting point but we assumed we’d connect and/or be able to message each other.

The next misadventure was at the little church that inspired Martin of Gfenn — it was locked and there was no caretaker to help us out. We did manage to meet Sonja and that redeemed the day. We went together to the pretty medieval town of Greifensee.

Today we leave for Iceland though, honestly, I’m done with this and would really like to go home.

6 thoughts on “Big Disappointments

    • It was awful and very, very disappointing. It really made me think that in other times we would have spoken in the phone and arranged a meeting place but we assumed we’d connect via texting …

  1. It was disappointing. I had not been to Zürich for almost a year and everything had changed. It used to be an end station, where the train turns to take another track. there used to be only one train an hour from Solothurn, now there are two. If you take the train at the half hour, you arrive in the new underground stop which is two floors down and completely different to how it was. I arrived on a platform something like 22 or so, my usual platform used to be in the main part of the station, No. 12-15. It was very confusing . The last time I was there was for my step-daughters wedding dinner in a near bye village and we had to be directed to the platform which was completely new. No it is no longer easy to travel, especially if you are a golden oldie, It was such a shame we missed each other. The only possibility I had was to write a message on my phone on the Facebook messenger, but you did not get that either. You can still be isolated in this world of modern technology it seems. I hope you have a further safe journey with no complications like boarding the wrong plane and arriving at Timbuctoo instead of where you are supposed to be going.

  2. I spent 6 months in Iceland. (1) Don’t drink the Brennivin. (2) Under no circumstances should you try and drink with the locals. I had teenage girls drink me under the table . . . and I was a sailor on my second hitch.

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