I was never one for a stroll. I was one for four miles/hour walks through the mountains. And running.

And then well, you can’t do that forever unless you’ve got GREAT genes that give you a perfectly straight back and lined up bones in your legs and you never injure yourself in the meantime. I know a lot of people who are well-oiled machines well into their 80s, but I am not going to be such a one. I’m going to be one who enjoys a good stroll with a big white dog.

Fortunately for me, the big white dog has not known anything else and thinks that’s what people do in the great outdoors. They walk two miles/hour and stop whenever they see something beautiful.

My dog is great at this. I stop and she stops. She then leans against me (her breed is one of the leaning breeds) and we contemplate the distant horizon (snowy mountains) or we enjoy the icicles on a spruce tree or we share amazement at the way fog and clouds mingle across the plain in front of a cone-shaped outcropping. We watch geese, listen to cranes and watch a circling hawk.

12 thoughts on “Tortoise

  1. The hare always misses out on seeing the good stuff. The tortoise definitely enjoys and sees much more. And it seems you and your dog are a match made in whatever Heaven pairs up canine and human partners 🙂

  2. What a lovely experience. Thanks for sharing it. I had a dog almost all my life, but my current lifestyle doesn’t leave me much time to give attention to a pet. I may change that down the road, and if I do I’d certainly like to have a dog like yours.

  3. The slower the walk the more can be seen. Walking with a “bear” of a dog is just about the best way to walk. That way you don’t have to worry about one of the pack straying, unless of course the dogs are on leash. I can only imagine how beautiful your valley is with the cranes and geese and, mountains in the distance. You had good karma or luck when you chose to live in the valley. It sounds so peaceful.

    • I agree. I got very lucky in my place to live and with my dogs. Bear is always leashed, but Dusty runs freEEEE (he only goes 8 feet or so away from me). I feel very safe with those two.

      • It’s ideal to have those two dogs with you. Do you carry a whistle or pepper spray just in case you should meet a large predator or is that highly un-likely to encounter a cougar, bear,
        or what ever. I assume that you are not walking in canyons or the mountains?

      • When I go up into the mountains, I wear a bell and carry pepper spray. There are bears and cougars — I’m honestly not afraid of either of them, but the best outcome is for them to hear me coming and go away. Mostly I walk in spots close to town. Dusty would bark fiercely and Bear would just not let anything near me. She’s put her body between me and anything. I hope I’m well prepared and I hope even more not to find out if I’m not! 😉

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