Little hiking story about friendship

Running up that Hill with Dogs

Ribbons the width of our bodies are strung across the earth as we move, shadows skip along a valley and scale a dry waterfall. The world’s oldest rock captures our brief footfalls. A pair of redtails soars above. It is our moment and time rests beneath our feet.

“I brought Subway!” She opens her pack and yeah, there it is. Two sandwiches. One is my favorite, turkey, bacon, avocado and provolone. In those days Subway only had two kinds of bread and 5 different sandwiches.

“You’re amazing!” I tell her and reach for it. She IS amazing. No one in my life had ever paid attention to me, what I like, what I don’t like, stuff like that, and then GAVE it to me. “Dude, I didn’t bring anything.”

“Sure you did. You brought oranges, right? And granola bars?”


“So, dude, what do you think you’ll be like when…

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