One Man’s Disaster is Another Dog’s Joy – April Snow

This is the predicted “3 to 5 inches” I woke up to this morning. It’s ten inches and the snow is still falling steadily. The major US highway on which I live is strangely quiet. Maybe ten cars have passed my house since I got up two hours ago. Monte Vista is between two high mountain passes, both of which look pretty impassable this morning except for the dauntless with proper equipment — and no trucks. It’s Saturday so people are no doubt shrugging their shoulders and calling a “snow day” on their lives. It’s a branch-breaking, wire breaking, wet spring snow.

Bear loves snow. When I opened the door and took her out this morning, you’d have thought all her dreams had come true. She’s now run around her yard, jumped up to get the snow from the bowed-branches of the neighbor’s alder tree, made a cave and several snow angels. It’s perfect snow-man snow so who knows what I might actually go out front and do later? It would be fun. It’s wet, but not very cold.

But first, as I am an adult, I must shovel walks and clear off my car and shake snow off branches.

I’m sure the spring storm has been a disaster for someone, but, so far, for us, it’s just snow and for that I’m very grateful as are the tiny barley shoots in the planted fields outside of town. This will be a boon to them.


18 thoughts on “One Man’s Disaster is Another Dog’s Joy – April Snow

  1. With a name like Monte Vista, I imagine sun, fun and nothing to do and some good food into the bargain. Ok, I am sure there is good food, but all that snow – it is worse than Switzerland. At least Bear enjoys it and I think you do as well. I do not like snow. Our snow days are now gone and the monsoon season is here, but that is April.

    • I love snow. Yeah — it snows more and harder here than in Switzerland (except in the Swiss mountains). I remember one day I was in Basel with my friend Adriano and it started to snow — snow that looked a lot like what’s coming down now. I was in a PANIC to get out of there and home before we were snowed in. He thought I was crazy, but this is what wet snow and small flakes means here. As for good food in Monte Vista? There’s great Mexican food. Otherwise? We cook. πŸ˜‰ This is a remote little town but beautiful.

  2. We have had virtually no snow this year, and i’m hoping its over. But I know the kind of snow you mean, and it’s what usually turns into Mud Season here. I loved it when I lived in the country, aside fro the back-breaking work of clearing the car and the driveway. My cats, being indoors, watch snow with fascination, and they’re too dainty to get their feet wet. But the joy of a dog romping in wet, heavy snow is a wonderful treat, and the idea of a snowman this late in the year sounds wonderful.

    We’re heading into the 60s this weekend, and it’s a bit early for it. Normally we only flirt with the 60s in May. But climate change has wrought wonders this year, including an open church door on Christmas Eve when it hit 65 degrees. I still can’t envisage palm trees on the shore of Lake Champlain.

    • We ended up having about 20 inches — it began melting while it was falling later this afternoon. Getting the car uncovered was a Herculean task as snow had bent the lilac branches over the roof of the car. I think a branch fell on the roof of my already crapped out garage so maybe that’ll turn into a windfall repair by my insurance company. That would be so good. Temps are back up to the 40s tomorrow and then up to the sixties later in the week. I have NO idea what’s normal for here but thanks to Facebook, I know it snowed this day last year but not as much. It’s been interesting to see that weather seems to appear on the same days last year and this. No palm trees on Lake Champlain, please no.

  3. The absence of snow is making Bishop sulk. He lays on the front stoop, head on paws, looking sadly at the rapidly greening yard. He wants to sleep outside. It’s cooler there and he is built for winter. He would welcome a nice 10 or more inches. I think he’d call that “a dusting” πŸ™‚

    • Yep. Too bad we don’t have a transporter. Bear’s a happy mess of wet dog. Now we have about 15 inches, but the sky is lightening and the wind is blowing gently to rescue the trees. It’ll be over by night.

  4. Wow. I read about the 3-5 inches you were supposed to get and felt bad, but this…!At least Bear is having fun and she looks adorable.

    • It ended up something like 15 to 20. Lots of broken trees on some streets. It’s going to be a mess to clean up. I had to unbury my car from the giant lilac bushes bent over it by the snow. I have no idea when I’ll get the car out of the driveway. But the walk in front is nice and clean because I like to shovel snow. My neighbor was out shoveling hers and we agreed that two old ladies with snow shovels were hard to beat.

  5. The snow sounds nice, especially for Bear. I’m glad she got to enjoy lots of snow even if it will not last for long. Don’t think I’d last long living in snow country with so many cold days.

    • This time of year, it doesn’t get so bitter cold — I think the high today was 45 and the low tonight will be around 20 (brrr). The snow was melting and falling all afternoon. It’s going to be muddy! Next to snow, Bear loves mud…

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