Bedtime? Why?

“What time is it?”


“What time is that?”

“Time to go to bed.”

“It’s not dark.”

“That’s beside the point. You go to bed when I tell you.”


“I’m your mother. That’s enough back talk.”

“What’s back talk?”

“When I say jump you jump. Now I say ‘Go to bed’ and you go to bed. Go.”

She made no sense.

I lay in my bed awhile seething at her autocracy and her unwillingness to explain anything. Then I went to sleep.

Sometimes, writing these one-word prompts. I find myself instantly associating a word with childhood. That’s an interesting phenomenon. Bedtime? Only an important issue to me as a child attempting to make sense of what came out of my mother’s mouth.

10 thoughts on “Bedtime? Why?

  1. She must have done something right if your vocabulary includes the word ‘autocracy’. That’s what my grandma would have called a ten-cent word.

  2. I find these one word prompts quite good. sometimes I don’t have any attachment to the work, but when I begin to write it just arrives. There are a lot of memories there. I don’t even remember my mum saying it’s bed time, but she probably did. In any case I went with no problem, I think it was a matter of routine.

  3. My mother explained EVERYTHING. Even if I didn’t need an explanation. She explained how being a growing child, I needed more sleep than I would need after I was grown and since I had to get up early, I also had to go to bed early. She explained the important of vegetables, wheat germ, fiber and good tooth brushing. When I asked about sex, she gave me half a library of books.

    • Wow. My dad explained things, but not my mom. When she thought I needed to learn about sex, she gave me a pamphlet from the life insurance company. My dad, however, moved certain books lower on the shelves, such as Tropic of Cancer, Moll Flanders and The Carpetbaggers. 😀

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