Lamont and Dude Make Apparel Choices




“What’s tricky?”

“Oh, you know.”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t ask. You look glum.”

“Decisions, man. You know? You try to get good information but…”

“It doesn’t matter Lamont. It all ends the same.”

“Yeah, but in the meantime, you want to do the best you can.”

“You just can’t know, Lamont. You gotta’ accept it. Can I help you?”

“It’s really not a big deal.”

“Lamont, is it the white socks thing again?”


“OK. We all have our nemesis.”

2 thoughts on “Lamont and Dude Make Apparel Choices

  1. LOL – yes those white socks, everyone was wearing them at the time. No-one told our boss in the office that they were no longer fashion, although I must admit that my boss had longer trousers than Dude

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