Do NOT Take with Milk!

Edgy. Been sick off and on for six weeks and yeah, I want you to feel sorry for me and come over and make boiled dinner which (IMO) stinks to high heaven, but somehow always helped when my mom cooked it. Potatoes or noodles, I don’t care.

Oh and the meds? They’re formidable antibiotics with some hardcore side-effects. And being sick so long wears a person out (more pity, please).

My mom used to say, “Every time Martha Ann takes sulfa drugs she’s hard to get along with.” Definitely missing some of my sense of humor. Hyper-sensitive. Yeah, forget coming over. Neither of us would enjoy that…

Still and all, I think the meds are working. No more pain, no more fever. That’s two major improvements.

But no way am I making more stuff with duct tape and plastic bottles. I don’t care how much Monte Vista needs them. OK, the pig was good, but today (in my grumpy state of mind) I tried to make a vulture. It looks more like carrion than a carrion cleanser. I’ve named him “Duct tape hippy vulture from hell.”


Duct Tape Hippy Vulture from Hell

“Be patient,” I tell myself.

“Why do you always put off going to the doctor? It’s your own damned fault,” I respond.

“I’m sick of your whining,” I answer.

Right now, I can’t even get along with myself.

11 thoughts on “Do NOT Take with Milk!

  1. Oh, hope you soon get better. Your vulture looks good, his family can be proud of him. I only go to the doctor if you drag me there (psychologically speaking of course). I doubt everything she gives me to take, but I take it all the same. I question everything I am supposed to do to recover. I suppose I know it all better. I should have been a doctor.

    • I’ve had a couple of — four — incompetent doctors (verifiably) so I’m very suspicious. I think my doctor now is good, but I was rude to her and I feel bad about that. She probably gets it a lot and she didn’t deserve it from me. I do feel better, but I haven’t really eaten in several days, and I’m sure that affects my temperament. 🙂

  2. We’ve been sick off and on for the past month. Not as sick as you, but enough to feel ennervated and bored and afflicted by massive cabin fever. We are both tired of hearing ourselves– much less each other — complaining. It sucks.

    I hate antibiotics. Sometimes, I’m not sure which is worse — illness or cure.

    I would gladly cook for you. I’d make chicken soup, which My People consider FAR better than any drug. So I’m sending mental chicken soup. Feel free to whine as much as you want. There’s not much else to do when you feel crappy all the time. We all need a good snivel sometimes.

  3. Well dang, Poor you. Meds sometimes are almost worse than what they are treating. You can feel sorry for yourself. I don’t mind at all. I’m almost glad to know that other bloggers feel like the pits sometimes. I get up feeling crappy and go to bed feeling crappy. Some of it is probably mental from too much worry, depression and anxiety.

    Here’s a hot coffee or tea toast infused with healing vibes being sent your way.

    • Anxiety, worry, depression make everything a LOT worse and I’m sorry you’re contending with that 😦 . Since I couldn’t eat really anything but clear fluids for several days, I got really down. But that’s improving now. I’m really grateful for sympathy and tea toast.

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