Spring Snow

Bear and I have been wishing for snow for MONTHS and finally we got a LOT of wet spring snow! This meteorological boon has returned to us our golf course and has given Bear her favorite toy (snow is Bear’s favorite toy). This morning when I took her and Dusty to the back yard she immediately DIVED into what was no more than 2 inches of snow (and several inches of dust and dirt). Dusty, who never played before Bear came to live with us, spent the morning wrestling with Bear in the snow. Then, I marshaled my will (because I still don’t feel great) and took them for a ramble on the paradisial snowy golf course. The wind was blowing; it was snowing pretty hard, the snow is very wet, and it was a good five inches deep (deeper now!)

When we got home Bear and Dusty were soaked. Bear had snow pom-poms on her feet and between layers of fur but we were happy. It’s snowed all day so there will be more snowy golf-course days ahead before the golfers can get back out there. And when they do? I think they might have green GREENS.

The way I see it, Bear’s fate isn’t ideal. She was bred to be a working dog in the big empty with a couple of hundred sheep. Events conspired to make her a stray puppy in a shelter in a tiny town and then the pet of a retired dog-loving lady in a small house. She never had a chanceΒ  to be introduced to a herd as a pup and go with her sweet, calm nature into her role as a livestock guardian. Dusty, Mindy and I are all the “herd” or “pack” she’s known and she loves us. And, for my part, I’m going to see Bear gets every chance to be a big dirty rambling white dog. When she’s dirty, wet and tired? It’s a happiness I understand. πŸ™‚



Our Spring Snow ❀

11 thoughts on “Spring Snow

  1. We got almost 7 inches in three days earlier this week and it was all gone in less than 12 hours. It has been a strange season here. Glad you finally got your frosting πŸ™‚ Bear LOOKS like a snow-loving dog.

    • I think we’ll have to do a snow ramble in the morning since it’s supposed to hit 50 tomorrow afternoon! Bear is definitely a snow loving dog. I’m an equally snow loving person. My mailman thinks I’m crazy. I went out to get the mail from him this morning and he says, “So?” I said, “YAY!” He goes, “Crazy lady.”

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