Planned Obsolescence

I’ve heard it so often it just irks me at this point, still, it’s true. Growing older is not for sissies. But by the time you’re growing older, you know that life isn’t for sissies. I have been enduring a condition that occurs to people as they age. I don’t want to go into detail. It’s enough to say it’s painful and enervating; carries with it a low-grade and exhausting fever and needs antibiotics to go away.

It’s not that “aging” is the big challenge; it’s that parts of us wear out and how that happens is related to genetics and the way we use our bodies.

So this morning I got up early to shower before going to the doctor in Del Norte. She’s great. Her name is Heidi Helgeson and I wasn’t very nice to her this morning because I didn’t feel well. I imagine she gets a lot of crotchety old folks and I’m sorry to add to that… She examined me, corroborated my diagnosis, and sent prescriptions to the pharmacy in Alamosa. Here in the San Luis Valley, the distances are pretty far, but the traffic is light.

Beside the Rio Grande Hospital and Clinic in Del Norte is a ranch with bison. I decided to go out where I could see their lovely shaggy immensity and enjoy the beauty of this day and the absolutely amazing reality of living where I do.


10 thoughts on “Planned Obsolescence

    • Inside, I’m 12. I had pretty much the same idea as you. I didn’t get why my mom made such a big deal about getting on the floor to play Monopoly. I’m just glad that point hit me 20 years later in my life than it hit hers. When it did, I started doing Yoga. I just didn’t want to be that person. Stubbornness, no love of Monopoly.

  1. Sorry you are not feeling very chipper. HOpe the meds help you feel better soon. At age 79 years, I get up each day and just want to go back to bed. I have to force myself to get going and continue to live on. It aint easy but, then I am grateful to have, I think, most of my memory and be able to drive in heavy traffic and up to speed. I really believe my pets have kept me active and alive because I MUST LIVE FOR THEM and TAKE CARE OF THEM.

  2. My father used that phrase about growing older often–not in a complaining manner. But I saw his point–living is great while quality of life remains. And when it doesn’t, it’s time to go. At least for me. In the interim, it’s all in what you focus on. Glad you chose something bigger than yourself.

    • I agree with you — I definitely hope that when my time comes we have grown as a culture to the point where people are allowed to choose their moment if they wish to.

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