Lamont and Dude Discuss Fear Itself

“What’s the scariest thing you ever faced, Lamont?”

“You, Dude, when you were a sabre-toothed tiger and I was a mastodon.”

“Yeah but that turned out in your favor. How could it have been that bad?”

“Just because a guy wins doesn’t mean he’s not scared. You should know that. Remember the asteroid?”

“Yeah but we didn’t win that time.”

“No, but we tried to survive. That’s something. A lot of guys just kind of sat there, ‘What’s the point. Here comes an asteroid. What are our chances?’ and pretty much gave up.”

“Giving up was a sane choice, buddy.”

“So why did you run?”

“I dunno. The old fight or flight thing, I guess. I mean was I going to tangle with an asteroid?”

“Instinct. That’s why I ran, too. But think about it, Dude. We were velociraptors! We had NO enemies! How did we know to do that?”

“You think too much, Lamont.”

“Real nerve? You know where to find it? Not in top predators, but in trees. Whatever happens, they just stand their ground.”

In their ground.”

“OK. In their ground. Wind, rain, hail, snow — even fire! And some of them are so brave that their young NEED fire in order to sprout.”

“How’s that courage, Lamont?”

“Consider the redwood in the forest. The ONLY way new redwoods come into being is through fire. Those big trees give their LIVES for the future of their species.”

“You’ve been human too long this time. Lamont, these are TREES.”

“I love trees, Dude. I love being a tree.”

“Yeah, cool, I get it, but a flaming redwood is NOT deciding to die for the sake of some random sprouts.”

“I never said ‘deciding’. It’s the design of it. It’s brilliant, isn’t it?”

“Oh Lamont. It’s an election year. Next year will be better.”

“I hope so.”

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