I’m White

I finally got the results of my spit test and it comes as a huge surprise to me that I’m white. Who knew? Apparently the “indigenous American” reading on a different test came from Finnish DNA, the Sami people…

And, when it comes to being white, with the multiple and continuous migrations throughout Europe, nationality is pretty irrelevant. None of this is anything I did not already know.

I just wanted to be a Native American, but at least somewhere in the background, in the 19th century, reindeer herders landed in Canada.

10 thoughts on “I’m White

  1. Martha, what “spit” test did you use? The Ancestry one, or some other one? When finances here loosen up a bit (do they ever?) I want to do the “spit” test too, and was also hoping to find some Native American DNA. But, with my grandparents migrating from Europe, I do think chances are very slim to none. Color me Lily White until I take the test. Loved your post!

    • I took the Ancestry one. I wish I had my money back. I learned nothing I had not already learned from my own research and my family and the earlier tests I took through Ancestry. There was something in one of the earlier results that indicated I was 18% indigenous American, but I learned that often Sami DNA comes through as Indigenous American DNA. My ancestors came in the 17th century so? Maybe? But I researched and learned that my great-grandmother’s mother was a Finn. My Dad’s mother was Swede on both sides, so Sami could have gotten in there a lot of ways. But… I wanted to be an Indian so I forked out the $90 for this test. Since, at the moment, I could use the $90 I’m chagrined at myself.

    • I just wanted to be Native American somewhere in there, you know? Just to have ONE ancestor back there…but I already knew they stuck in their communities, married cousins and so on… It was a dream. Now it’s dead. πŸ™‚

      • I had a similar wish since we had always been told our grandmother was Native American. Not a shred of evidence to up hold this claim. The amount of Greek, Italian, Irish, & Jewish decent was quite surprising. Perhaps we were Native American in another life. πŸ™‚ G-uno

      • There were no surprises in mine at all. Anyway, a friend who is native American gave me a name today and it almost made up for it. Since some of my family were Sami, Reindeer Herders, she named me Rainbow Herder since I’m a painter. I think it’s a beautiful name, even if I’m not an Indian. I guess I’ll learn to live with it… πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh so sorry that you don’t have even a tinge of Indian. I’ve never thought about doing a “spit” test. I just figure I am what I am and my cousin’s research shows that we are French and German with a tad of Swiss and Danish.

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