Lamont’s Legacy

“What do you want your legacy to be, Lamont?


“Yeah, like how do you want to be remembered?”

“By WHOM?”

“Future generations. You know. Posterity.”

“Dude, if my past experience is any guide, I’m going to be future generations. Are you asking how I want to remember myself?”

“No, Lamont, I mean like OTHER people. How do you want them to remember you?”

“I don’t. I mean if they can’t remember their own past lives, why should they remember mine?”

“Don’t you have a message for the future? Some important lesson or a cool artifact from your life?”

“Dude, I went on Oprah a year or so ago, remember? I tried to share lessons from my past lives and you know how that went.”

“I bailed you out.”

“Funny I was jailed for that and a current presidential candidate says worse and just keeps showing up at debates.”

“Politics, Lamont.”

“Right. Anyway, Dude, I don’t have anything more to share with the future. We all have to bumble through everything anyway. I mean, did you ever imagine when you were a kid that people would spend more time LOOKING at their phones than talking on them?”

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