Good Gnus!

My novel, The Brothers Path (yes, the publisher has now understood just what that title means and has decided to go with it — YAY!!!!!) will be available for pre-sale February 15 from Bygone Era Books at a $7 discount. It will be available also as an ebook for Kindle and Nook for $5.95.

I have NO idea what happens next. Back in terra incognita… Home, in other words.

Sorry for being AWOL and self-absorbed, but I’ve been helping some other people edit and upload their book onto Create Space and I’m in the throes of helping another person edit her dissertation which is due in three weeks. And, you know, the Daily Prompt has (for now) lost its thrill.

I’m also back as a member of the Valley Art Co-op in Monte Vista and this month I’m one of two featured artists — you can see some of my paintings up there on the wall with the work of my colleague, Jenny Noonan. Jenny does work that’s very different from mine and I think we complement each other well on this wall.

This is kind of a deal since it also means bringing refreshments and holding a reception this coming Saturday and since I am now about as domestic as a livestock guarding dog who’s always been with the sheep and never in the house, I’m stressing it. Any recipes for VERY easy and delicious snacks and sweets will be very gratefully welcomed.

Daily Prompt Say Your Name Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

Oh and as for this — I’m happy to answer it. I’m named for my Aunt Martha who was my mom’s sister, older by 11 months. She was also my best friend and my hero and I miss her every single day.  Her full name was Martha Liberty Beall (pronounced Bell) because she was born on Washington’s Birthday. Back in the day she always joked that because she worked for the government, she never had to work on her birthday. I think around the time she retired, they conflated Washington and Lincoln into an anonymous “President’s Day.” I wrote about her before, somewhere here, I think.



13 thoughts on “Good Gnus!

  1. Congrats twice over!! As for easy canapes, try this fail-proof idea, maybe: Preheat oven to 375F. Spread flour tortillas with cream cheese all the way to the edge. Decorate (as if a pizza) with red pimientos, chopped green chilies, a few slices of black olives and roll up into a tube. On a cutting board, slice the tortilla on the diagonal about 1.5″ apart. Lay the pinwheels on a cut side and bake for 10 minutes. Lift with spatula and cool slightly before serving. I don’t know how big a crowd you’re expecting, but I’d guestimate at least a half a tortilla’s worth for each person. As for sweets, everyone likes blondies. Get a box mix, make it according to directions, throw on some chocolate chips just before baking. Or walnuts. Or both!

    • They left. Then one of the members had a meeting/party at her house and it was clear to me that they wanted me to come back, that they valued my work and liked me and were, like me, relieved that the evils had gone. A nice person left, too, the President, who was really too nice for the job, I wish she’d just stepped down from the office and stayed with the co-op, but it seems to have been an all-or-nothing moment for her.

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