Pan-antheism or Pantheism?

Stuff little kids know…

Running up that Hill with Dogs

I’d spent the day hiking in the Lagunas and had gone into town to meet friends for dinner. All the people at the table were devout, fundamentalist Christians. One, Kevin, had been my student and had become my main hiking pal. We hiked and talked and hiked and talked and watched hawks and talked about gear and shoes and seeing a mountain lion. Kevin’s friend, Max, had been his philosophy and religion teacher. The kids around the table were Max’ nephews.

I liked all of them very much, and I liked the restaurant. Kevin had picked me up, then we stopped for Max’s oldest nephew and headed down the mountain. By then I was living in the Cuyamaca Mountains, in the town of Descanso which is Spanish for “I rest.”

That day I’d hiked fast through a cloud, swirling fog and mist, a little drizzle, beads of water clinging to…

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