February Featured Artists — Martha Ann Kennedy and Jenny Noonan

Looks like this month I will be a famous artist. Thank goodness it’s a short month! 😉

Rio Grande Art and Gifts

Featured Artists for February, 2016 at Valley Art Co-op Gallery and Shop are Martha Ann Kennedy and Jenny Noonan. A public reception will be held for them at the shop, 925 1st Ave, Monte Vista, CO on February 20 from 3 to 6 pm. Light refreshments will be served.

The Road to South ForkThe Road to South Fork, 5 x7, Oil on panel

Martha Ann Kennedy was born in Denver, Colorado. She went to high school in Colorado Springs, attended Colorado Women’s College, then the University of Colorado, Boulder where she earned a BA in English. She did graduate work at the University of Denver, earning an MA in English in 1979. In 1982, she went to  the Peoples Republic of China where she taught English at South China Teachers University in Guangzhou. Returning to the United States, she and her then husband spent a year in Denver, and then moved to San…

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4 thoughts on “February Featured Artists — Martha Ann Kennedy and Jenny Noonan

  1. My husband taught me to smile for the cameras. It was the most useful thing he ever taught me because I can smile on cue. Practice in front of a mirror. Yes, to you it looks phony, but others can’t tell the difference. Oh, and congratulations. You aren’t allowed to complain about getting honors and awards. It is illegal.

    • That smile thing — that’s absolutely right. I did learn that, thank goodness. I might feel like a freak and wonder how my Aunt Jo’s hair and body got above and below my face, but everyone else thinks I’m OK looking… :\ What this involves is hanging up my work in the co-op shop, bringing in refreshments for people and hanging around for 3 hours. The good part is all the magic around how I happened to return to the co-op. Sometime I’ll write about that because it was wonderful…

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