4 thoughts on “February Featured Artists — Martha Ann Kennedy and Jenny Noonan

  1. My husband taught me to smile for the cameras. It was the most useful thing he ever taught me because I can smile on cue. Practice in front of a mirror. Yes, to you it looks phony, but others can’t tell the difference. Oh, and congratulations. You aren’t allowed to complain about getting honors and awards. It is illegal.

    • That smile thing — that’s absolutely right. I did learn that, thank goodness. I might feel like a freak and wonder how my Aunt Jo’s hair and body got above and below my face, but everyone else thinks I’m OK looking… :\ What this involves is hanging up my work in the co-op shop, bringing in refreshments for people and hanging around for 3 hours. The good part is all the magic around how I happened to return to the co-op. Sometime I’ll write about that because it was wonderful…

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