Snake du Jour

Wardrobe choices…

Running up that Hill with Dogs

In my Spirit Animal seeking days, I clocked a lot of miles. I didn’t actually clock them, I guess, or I’d know something about how many I walked. Along with improving my odds of seeing a cougar, all this mileage improved my chances of seeing a whole lot of other things. Rattlesnakes were common enough that I called them, “snake du jour.” I knew I’d see one before a three hour hike was over, but believed (based on experience) that two were unlikely. I liked seeing them at the beginning of a hike and getting their bone chilling beauty out of the way.

I’ve probably seen a thousand rattlesnakes — maybe the same one over and over — but easily a thousand “sightings.” The first time was in 1988. I was with my dog, Truffle. We were not yet able to make it to the top of Big Dog Health…

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