Punchin’ Cow

Funny story from real life. 🙂

Running up that Hill with Dogs

2004, on Labor Day, the end of August, long weekend, a hot Monday afternoon, I hiked the Sunset Trail from the Meadow’s Information Station to Laguna Lake. I was with my white Siberian/wolf mix, Ariel. We went over the ridge and down the hill leading to the break off from the Sunset Trail to the Big Laguna trail. At the bottom of the hill was an enclosure, recently repaired. The Cedar Fire of October 2003 had burned it. It enclosed a particular kind of flower that a certain butterfly needs. Signs hanging on the wires said, “Butterfly Enclosure”. Perhaps it was the streaming endorphins from the long hike, but I found the enclosure hilarious.

There was no way butterflies would stay in a fence like that.

On this day, though, a young steer was having a nightmare. The volunteer crew that repaired and rebuilt that enclosure, had, without noticing, trapped…

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