Bee! Here, NOW!

A little story about the dangers of looking for God out in nature…

Running up that Hill with Dogs

Soon after I moved to San Diego from Denver I got a job I loved. I was teaching English as a Second Language at an international school attached to a university. My salary was almost TWICE as much (numerically) as I was earning in Denver. I was on cloud 11. I remember the first day of school very well. I went, I taught my two morning classes, and then I wandered around the campus looking for a spot to have lunch. I ended up on a concrete bench next to a rose garden in front of what San Diego State University would call “Old Main” if it called any of its buildings “Old Main.” I couldn’t believe my awesome luck as I ate my peanut butter sandwich and drank my Tab.

A guy I’d met at the beach had said, “People move to California and they either get Oranges or…

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