Shooting Stars

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My Everest

Just as those “Onward Christian Soldiers” serpent-slaughtering boys went up the mountain in search of some kind of Christian spiritual experience, I was looking for something. An answer? I didn’t know the question. A spiritual awakening? I didn’t know, but day after day, in all weather, I was up there on that hill looking.

Sometimes my turn-around point was after looking out over the ocean at sunset; other days it was looking back at the snowy mountains of the Cuyamacas when I was lucky enough to be there after a winter storm hit the mountains east of the city. I found new trails I loved and hiked them; a razor edge ledge where, after a winter storm, the clouds billowed up from the ocean and tangled with the higher hills. I could walk in the clouds. There was a granite outcropping between the ledge and the main trail where I…

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