I started keeping a blog on WordPress two years ago day before yesterday. WordPress let me know. The first blog — and the reason I started — was followed that same day by

Both of these are blogs to promote my novels, Martin of Gfenn and Savior. On that occasion I saw the Daily Prompt and I thought, “That’s dumb” but I did it anyway and it wasn’t dumb after all. I have written a few good stories based on those prompts and met some great people. It also helped me me grounded and calm during the chaotic days when I first came back to Colorado and didn’t have a house yet! 🙂

But for a while I’ve thought I might be nearing the end of that phase and wondered what would come along. One of my readers gave me the idea to write down the stories of dogs and hiking. That’s been in the back of my mind for a while and I finally decided to start a new blog dedicated to those stories and experiences.

I expect to be writing much more frequently on that blog than this one, at least for a while. I’d be very happy for all the readers who want to migrate with me. The blog is here and the title is My Mt. Everest.


9 thoughts on “Segue…

    • I’m glad you are enjoying it! That’s the best thing. I don’t honestly know where the story came from. I was inspired by the little church in Gfenn, learning it had been a leper church. I knew NOTHING about ANYTHING. I wrote it originally as a 90 page first person “confession” — Martin telling someone his story. I really like that version. Then, an agent picked it up but couldn’t sell it — she was right in thinking that without the historical background, it wouldn’t mean anything to readers. It took more than 10 years after that. I had to learn everything — including how to write. I got my ass kicked, total humiliation in the realization that my “masterpiece” was overwritten, sloppy and repetitive. What an odysssey… Martin turned into my mentor; he would not have given up so I couldn’t.

      • I liked the comment that it was harder to be Martin than to be God. Never thought about that before, that being The God must be the easiest gig in the universes.

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