The Dog

The “Visitor Dog” — Bullet — went home to his family last Friday. He’s back to being tied up in front of their house, but apparently all the noise, and the dog’s escape, have motivated the family to bring him inside at night. I’m sure they were worried when he got away and didn’t come home, too. The good news is that his vet has gotten a run for him, so he won’t be tied up any more, and he’s going to have a good dog house.

It motivated me to do some research into laws about dog tethering. Few states have laws about this, several cities and towns do, but Colorado is a state without a law and, so far, the only city that has a law is Denver. Denver’s law is basic. It just says that a dog cannot be tethered longer than 12 hours. That’s got the advantage of making it possible for someone to call the cops, but that’s it.

I’ve presented a proposal to the Monte Vista City Council that our city have a dog tethering ordinance that limits the number of hours a dog can be tied out. It also defines the best way to tether a dog and sets forth requirements for humane tethering. I didn’t write it; it’s the hard work of some people in Smyrna, Delaware. I read through lots of city codes and this one was the best, I thought.

I was looking for a law that would help people learn to tether their dogs humanely AND make it possible for law enforcement to step in. I also wrote it so there would be irrelevant negotiable points — such as the number of hours a dog is tied out. I wrote “8” knowing perfectly that anyone who works an 8 hour day won’t be happy with that. I think it’s important to leave thing for people to get het up over so they can bitch and moan and leave more important questions alone. šŸ™‚

Also, since most fighting dogs spend their lives on a chain, the new ordinance could give law enforcement something to go after people who are involved in that horrible “game.”

I put up a petition on That’s been interesting as that, of course, has a global reach and there aren’t a lot of people in Monte Vista, CO. LOTS of Germans are interested in how dogs are treated in my little town. I love that because Germans love their dogs and in that world, dogs can really go anywhere with their people — on trains, into stores, to restaurants, on the trams…

So, my proposal is on the City Council agenda for January 7, my birthday.

Oh, here’s a link to the petition. Please sign, regardless of where you’re from!

16 thoughts on “The Dog

  1. I hope it works out. People are so awfully ignorant. We had this issue with the neighbor, who admitted he had a problem and eventually asked us if would take the dogs … two adults and 6 puppies. Siberian Huskies. We just couldn’t do it and I felt terrible. He eventually found homes for them, but it took a longer time than it ought. Big dogs that have not spent time in the house are hard to rehome.

    • Huskies are never tame. They are just more or less willing to cooperate depending on how well they’ve been socialized as puppies. Poor things. I’m happy for how things are working out (apparently) for Bullet. I hope I’ll be able to bring the town around — it would be a great thing for this little town and could make dog fighting a lot more difficult for people.

    • Thank you. I think his people love him, but they are poor and rent a hovel, really. The vet says his vaccinations are kept up to date and they bring him when he’s sick, they just don’t have time for him, really. But if they really do give him a fenced play yard and he gets a good dog house, well, his life is better. That’s something. I hope the proposal works, too.

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