It Depends on the Species: Lamont and Dude

“What depends on what, Dude?”

“If you’re ‘day’ or ‘night’ or even a person — it depends on what species one is. I mean talk to me about the success of a day-hunting owl? What’s the point of those see-in-the-dark eyes or that uber hearing if you’re flying around in the daytime cacophony?”

“When it comes to owls, Dude, I don’t think you know much. Some are crepuscular. Back in Canada — it wasn’t Canada yet — I was a Northern Owl, but there wasn’t ‘northern’ or ‘owl’ yet. I started hunting just as the sun was setting and all the rodents were scurrying home and the snakes were emerging to suck up — I mean soak up — heat from the sun-warmed rocks and grab a panicking mouse or two.”

“You just wanted to write ‘crepuscular’.”

“You know what it means, right?”

“Dawn and dusk, professor. I’ve been crepuscular too, in my time.”

“Which time?”

“How quickly you forget.”

“Oh, yeah, right.”

“So, Lamont, what is the best time of day for you now?”

“I like the one when you’re NOT reminding me of the time you were a sabre-toothed tiger and I was a mastodon.”

“Have you ever gotten to be a top predator?”

“Only in my human iterations, Dude, and some of the dinosaur periods, such as the one when we were both velociraptors. But, no. I have never gotten to be a big cat or a bear or a wolf or anything like that.”

“Pity. It’s great. You see food, you chase food, you kill food, you eat food.”

“I know, Dude. I was a velociraptor, remember? With you? How quickly you forget.”

4 thoughts on “It Depends on the Species: Lamont and Dude

  1. Hand me that stone ax over there. Thanks. Pass the mammoth haunch. Okay, thanks. Got any flint? Can you make a fire? Well, will you try? Hey, is this breakfast? Or dinner? Can’t we ever eat something other than mammoth?

  2. If only those dinosaurs did not have such small brains for the mass of muscle they had, they might even have survived and we would have become the prey probably. Although I don’t think it was the brain that killed them but the digestive system – they were gassed I heard. But that was before Dude’s and Lamont’s time

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