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Daily Prompt Press It Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved in the past week, and tell us why they’re worth reading.

Yesterday Martin of Gfenn participated in a “blog hop.” Neither Martin nor I really knew what this was, but we did understand it was a way to publicize Martin of Gfenn and get my writing read by other people. It was organized by a group who has made it their mission to promote independently published novels. For many good reasons, “Indie” novels don’t have a good rep with readers and that’s because “anyone can become a writer for free.” Many people want to write a book — just that, a book — and now it’s easy to do that (except for the writing ha ha ha).

The name of the group is IndieBRAG and Martin of Gfenn was awarded a medallion attesting to its being a good book. The exact words of the review left on Amazon are,

We are proud to announce that MARTIN OF GFENN by Martha Kennedy is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!

If you’ve written and published a book, I’d recommend looking up IndieBRAG and seeing how it works. You might get some help with marketing.

To do my bit in the blog hop, I wrote a blog post on Martin of Gfenn, then I read a few blogs yesterday that I had not read before. It struck me yet again that the question of “what makes good writing” is not as absolute in real life as it is in my little mind. I didn’t find anything new I wanted to follow, but I did wander around in a larger world. Ultimately, I returned to my favorites. Here are three blogs I enjoy very much.

One of my favorite blogs is Scuffed Boots. The author writes about something I love deeply — walking around semi-aimlessly in nature. He’s a talented artist and he writes beautifully. We’ve recommended books to each other and thanks to that I learned of a new nature writer (who also walks aimlessly in nature) whose work I enjoy. The author of Scuffed Boots, Daniel Graham, has published a book that I ordered and have just begun about the “walk” he and his twin brother took from England to the Mediterranean Sea. I’ve only just started Walk to the Water, but so far I like it VERY much. Since I cannot walk as I used to, I’m doing a little vicarious living through Daniel’s blog and book, but I don’t think he minds. I think he “gets” me, too. Anyway I feel that we are “friends” in the way of discursive walkers and I’m glad he’s around.

I always read The Gad About Town. Mark doesn’t avoid complexity either in the subjects about which he writes or in the way he writes. He was — in a former life — a professional writer. He’s clearly a thinker. He doesn’t offer the simple knee-jerk culturally acceptable faux solutions to problems and I like that very much. He’s dealt — personally — with some of the most difficult things people contend with. His life stories are entertaining and compelling and he often writes about literature and culture. I like reading him even though (ha ha) his taste in poetry is very different from mine (the guy likes T.S. Eliot). If this sounds rather dark gray and daunting, I have to add Mark has a wonderful sense of humor.

Two more blogs I enjoy are Fly Fishing the High Country and Creative by Nature.

They aren’t similar. Fly Fishing the High Country is often very clever, witty, stories about fishing and, uh, yeah, the high country. I don’t fish, but I love the high country, and Robert Robinson is a superlative writer whose work has been published in many different places.

Creative by Nature is a passionate blog about how people learn. Christopher Chase cares deeply about how the creativity has been stifled by the educational system of the past nearly 20 years and he writes beautifully about it, offering other ideas and sound logic to illustrate why the current educational system is both socially and personally destructive.

And, of course, Dusty T. Dog’s favorite blogger is Tabby at Cat Chronicles. We never miss her blog posts, and Dusty always composes his best doggone responses to her feline revelations.

14 thoughts on “Blog Hop

  1. I am overwhelmed as far as a feline can be overwhelmed. Looked it up in the meow dictionary and discovered the word does exist, but usually on the tuna fish side, if we receive tuna fish every day instead of twice a week it would be overwhelming. However humans are not perfect, are they Dusty. Yes Dusty T. Dog I look forward to our daily conversations to enable more intellectual exchange between our two worlds. Mrs. Human has even decided to open a tuna fish tin to celebrate the occasion.

    • I’d lose a dollar which is what I get from Amazon. Fact is, I’d be happy to send you one, Danny, with a medallion on it 🙂 You can’t get that anywhere. Just send me your address.

      • Paper books on Amazon don’t make money unless you’re Dan Brown or something. But then you have to be Dan Brown or something. Kindle books make money. Anyway, if I send you a copy I can put a boot print in it for you. 🙂

      • The Boot Print will be either I put linoleum printing ink on the bottom of my boot and step on the fly leaf (I think my feet are too big) or I hold up my boot and make a colored pencil drawing of it the print OR I draw the boot itself. Not sure yet. I like all the ideas. I enjoy drawing my boots — which sounds weird — but they have had a lot of character at times over the years. I had to leave a pair in Switzerland once. They’d been resoled so many times there was just no hope any more. I bought new boots in Zürich and I couldn’t bring both pairs home. I think I took a photo of the boots I left behind. I started hiking in trail runners in the early 2000s when Salomon came out with trail running shoes. Of course they didn’t last long (three months), but they were great. Then Salomon sold them to Adidas and there’s no comparison. These days I’m tramping around in a pair of Asolo winterized approach shoes. But the boots in your book will be my all time favorites — that I’ve been carrying around for years now and love as much as a woman can love a boot…

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