Ef-law Off…

My flaw varies by day (and probably on who’s looking). As it happens, today I’m grumpy. I don’t know why. I have no reason to be — I live in a nice place, have nice friends, wonderful dogs, opportunities, food, a dependable car. But, I’m grumpy.

Just one of the things making me grumpy right now. I know the cure for the grumps. Do my own work and mind my own business and go for a walk. And tomorrow? Who knows. I might be Dopey or Sneezey.


Don’t know why “Doc” is here twice… But it is pissing me off.

13 thoughts on “Ef-law Off…

  1. Doc is the dealer. You didn’t know that?

    F-off was my first thought to, but then I realized it was a good way to get Rashmi’s story out so people might know what’s happening on the other side of the world. Just when I’m feeling sorry for myself, I realize just how much worse everything could be and I whack myself on the head and move on.

    • Yeah. I’m just grumpy. I’m not feeling sorry for myself and I have a good grumpiness doctor in the form of a giant white puppy with muddy feet and a passion for snow who is willing to share all her treasures with me, treasures such as a cream carton that’s been ripped to shreds, a filthy formerly stuffed pig, you know, really good stuff.

  2. Do you think it has to do with other people though? Facebook, like most social media platforms, isn’t the particularly ideal when one is attempting to avoid grumpiness. Turn to your doctor for further advice on this. She’ll prescribe a strong dose of unlimited affection and walkies like good “doctors” tend to do.

    • I’m pretty strongly introverted so yeah; other people do make me grumpy at a certain point. And Facebook is a disease and I’m not playing today. You’re right about my doctor. So far she’s has pointed out that there is snow on the ground and said thanks for the junk mail. She gets more mail than I do. She’s a good little shredder.

  3. I have an inner, “Hey, you punks, get off my lawn!” guy. But I live in the sticks, so he don’t come out much. Politics is just one big reality/game show designed to keep the people off balance. Unbalanced?

    • I like that. An “inner get off the lawn guy.” I agree with you about politics — people can yammer all day but ultimately what each one has to do is vote. Once. It’s a pretty quiet activity.

  4. I don’t do Facebook polls, I actually block them, although they crop up again in another form. I know that Donald Trump is very rich, and probably bored to take on a new job in politics. I read yesterday that Valdimir Putin is thinking about sending his death planes with nuclear warheads to Syria, but that was in the Daily Mirror which only writes for the sake of sensation. I read a lot in the newspapers and don’t believe it. I don’t think Donald Trump will become the next US president and neigther will Hilary Clinton, but who cares. We just have a rotary in Switzerland every year for a new president. I don’t know why I bother with the news, I cannot change it.

    • My feeling about Trump and various other things like that is that the more people talk about him the worse the situation is likely to become. I think Hilary Clinton is likely to become the next US president. I believe the machine/conspiracy is operating her. I think they’re all puppets who’ve sold their soul to a mysterious international greed consortium. I like the Swiss system but god forbid the US look at what other nations are doing to get ideas.

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