Daily Prompt Pour Some Sugar on Me What is your favorite sweet thing to eat? …

“What’s your favorite sweet, Lamont?”

“Who the hell cares? I don’t even care. I do remember liking a nice well-cured mammoth haunch mixed with berries back in the day.”

“Were you human then? You must have been or you wouldn’t have pounded the choke cherries into the mammoth flesh. Wait, was that MY mammoth flesh?”

“Could’a been.”

4 thoughts on “Chokecherries

    • Best friends (and occasionally each others prey) over many thousands of years and incarnations, Lamont and Dude riding the waves of time. (Sounds like a movie blurb, doesn’t it :-\ )

  1. They seemed to have started something. We often serve berries with meat in the hunting season, but they killed off the mammoths so we have to managed with deer and elk.

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