Rain Shadow

Here’s a photo that kind of shows the rain shadow effect in the Laguna Mountains. You can see where the cloud just STOPS. It’s stopped by warm air rising from the desert and, if we could take the trail a little farther, you’d find we go in and out of winter depending on the location of the cloud and how much moisture it holds. Most of the time, the rain or snow storms would reach the highest parts of the rim along the desert and stop, sometimes dumping three feet or more of snow in the last minute before dissipating. Many people don’t know it snows in San Diego County!

I’m with Lily on the Garnet Peak Trail in this photo back in 2013.If you look a little bit in the distance behind me on the trail, you’ll see there is no frost on the bushes. We continued on the trail and hiked the rest of the way in a sunny day, returning to falling snow.

Lily and me, Garnet Peak, Rain Shadow

4 thoughts on “Rain Shadow

  1. I love all the stories and photos of your dogs, Martha. You were never a small dog kind of gal? I had a Maltese who would attack anyone who walked in the house. She was a rescue (about 6 years old) and I figured she must have been badly abused to dislike visitors so much. She was my baby for 10 years. I still miss her.

    • I like all dogs — and my mom’s poodle, Ralph, who was about 15 pounds, was a great hiking pal, but somehow I’ve always gravitated toward large dogs. I like them and since I usually have hiked alone, Dusty would probably be more of a deterrent than Ralph to evil doers. I know what you mean — Molly died in 2002, but I still miss her and would like to take a hike with her even though, in the meantime, lots of other wonderful dogs have come my way.

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