Grudge? Who has time?

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

Grudges take a lot of energy and compel us to live in the past. If I find I cannot forgive a person (I do not believe in “forget”) I just eliminate them from my life. It takes a lot for that to happen because I’m a combination of tolerant and indifferent, but if it does happen?  That person will cease to exist in my personal universe. Not that they’ll mind. They will probably not even notice.

For example, I’m not holding a grudge against WordPress for this REALLY abysmal new editor. I just use it if I feel like it and switch to the precambrian version when I want to CONTROL what happens on my post visually. I’m not carrying an axe because the prompts (such as this one) are often so, I dunno, PERSONAL. What do I care? I don’t have to write this if I don’t want to. Sure, sure, time was I objected and tried to change the status quo but WordPress is an immense and powerful machine. It’s the same as trying to convince feminists that the pronoun “he” is completely unimportant. What’s important is equal pay for equal work.

Heh heh heh.



16 thoughts on “Grudge? Who has time?

  1. I have given up making judgement on the WordPress fiasco, I even downloaded the new WP app today and am now using this silly new editor. It seems they are not going to budge a centimeter, although they now have 20 pages of complaints and so I am just trying to get used to it. The new app is ok, but it is not really everything in the same place, but I suppose I am till learning by doing. I think I just want to prove that even a golden oldie can do it. By the way bomb alarm in the main station of Bern today, but nothing happened yet. Seems to be fashion at the moment in Europe. My son flew off to Vienna today for a conference – you know how worrying it can get?

      • Problem being that no-one really posts on their phones, at least the least of us. It would take me an hour to write a blog on a phone with my arthritis in the fingers. I have decided to go with it and am now only using the new editor. I can live with it ok, but I copy paste my blogs from pages/word and my photos are in flickr. I have never really written direct in the editor. It works for me, as well as the new WordPress Mac app. I think I just like playing with new stuff.

      • I write directly in the editor and I don’t really care about it except it doesn’t have the feature of editing photos so I have to do that before I post. The WP MacApp is OK. I use it when I’m traveling and take my iPad.

      • Martha I have had that app for a couple of years for my iPhone and iPad. There is now a new app/programme which goes into the Apple app bar at the bottom of the page for WordPress. It is not too bad, everything is more together. It still goes to the dashboard. Here is the link where you will find it Welcome to the new and App for Mac. You are still free to use the old editor. I have never had a problem editing photos, but I insert them by html in the size I want from my Flickr pages.

  2. “I just eliminate them from my life.” That so made me smile. I am believer in that. If I no longer speak to you, consider yourself banished. Cynical? Not in the least. I loved this one, Martha. 😀

  3. I reckon I’ a bad person for I do hold grudges for some things. Others I forgive. It amounts to the degree of the grievance.

    I don’t use the new editor in WP of course I have rare posted for the past 5-6 months but I go back to the old version which is more user friendly. It’s a PIA!

    • I guess that eliminating someone from my personal universe IS holding a grudge against them. Some of them I forgive because I can’t see how they could be/do anything any other way (like my brother) but I still don’t want to hear from them or talk to them or think about their being on the planet at the same time I am. It’s like, “I forgive you and I get it, now go away FOREVER.” That’s a grudge, right?

      • No. I don’t see that as a grudge. I call it using your smarts to remove toxic people from your life or those that you have out-grown or moved on in a different direction in your life.

      • Yeah, I think you’re right. That was certainly my motive. I don’t even usually have any bad feelings toward these people, just a deep sense that they need not to be anywhere near me.

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