Here We Go with The Brothers Path!

After waiting for more than a week to learn some basic facts about the deal I would be offered by the second publisher, I was able to lay out the offers side-by-side and yesterday I made my decision all the while aware that having a choice like that was something I never imagined.

I’ll be signing with Bygone Era Books. This is a small print on demand publisher located in Denver that focuses on historical books — fiction and non-fiction. The other — also a small press — is affiliated with a university and as I stood on the line between the two I wondered if I have written a book for historians and intellectuals or for people?Β  I hope I’ve written for people. No, not The Da Vinci Code or (shudder) Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker but something at least leaning more in the direction of a popular audience. Bygone Era Books is definitely a for profit company which I understand to mean they’ll be interested in promoting my book.

I’ll have to do a lot of work promoting the book, too. I have had to make a website — (somehow this link leads nowhere but if you type in the browser bar, it works?) — it’s here on WordPress. There’s nothing on it yet, but there will be and I’ll be very grateful for “followers.” I’m having to do research to see what authors put on their webpages.

I wish I could tell my dad and my Aunt Martha and, most of all, my grandmother who died when I was 10 but left me with this incredible genetic and historical legacy. I guess it happens when dreams come true, and you’re a little advanced in years, some of the people you most want to talk to about it are not around to hear.

Today I filled in their marketing form and I’m waiting for the contract which will come in the mail. I hope my paralegal experience (which was partly in contracts) will suffice for this. So here goes!

10 thoughts on “Here We Go with The Brothers Path!

    • there’s no “m” it really is “co” They said it would take a few hours, but I’m working on it now so… I’m glad I’m retired (for yet another reason!) so I can do this. So now I’m listening to Jacques Brel in my mountain town and figuring out my authors website. Wow. πŸ˜€

  1. Yay, Martha! I am so very happy for you. Isn’t it always bittersweet when the ones you want most to share with are not around? This is fantastic, though, so I am glad you could share with us.

    • Yes, it’s bittersweet. The sweet is that they WERE here and I was lucky to be where they were. πŸ™‚ I am lucky to have good friends at this end of my life with whom to share our ups and downs.

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