Lamont and Dude Discuss Touch

Daily Prompt The Power of Touch Textures are everywhere: The rough edges of a stone wall. The smooth innocence of a baby’s cheek. The sense of touch brings back memories for us. What texture is particularly evocative to you?

“Does touching something bring back memories?”
“It might. Like what?”
“I dunno. This prompt could go very far sideways, don’t you think?”
“Definitely. I think of Mark Twain.”
“That’s interesting to know. And why, exactly?”
“He wrote the profound and prescient Diary of Adam and Eve.
“Have you read it, Lamont?”
“A while back. What does it have to do with the prompt?”
“Well, the whole reason that touching something triggers memories is so we can survive. Eve herself…”
“You mean Mark Twain dba Eve. Feminist critics take issue at the idea of Twain attempting to write from a female perspective.”
“Whatever. Eve, who called herself — and Adam — ‘experiments’, explained it. You see, the little thing burnt herself on the beautiful thing she had created.”
“No, no, no WAAAAY before that. Fire.”
“She touched it. It gave her a ‘cruel pain’ so she put her finger in her mouth. She wasn’t daunted, though. She wanted to know more about it, but she had learned not to touch it, even though she found her creation very beautiful.”
“Then what happened?”
“I think she set the garden on fire. I’ll have to read it again.”
“We haven’t answered the salient question here, Dude. ‘What texture is particularly evocative to you?'”
“So, Lamont, what is?”
“For me? I don’t think of textures in that way. Textures are in the here and now. A scent or fragrance is more likely to invoke that enemy to human peace and progress, nostalgia.”

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