No Way to Choose the Best Day of This Year

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “One More Time.” If you were able to relive one day from the last 12 months, which day would it be — and why?

The past twelve months have given me one great day after another. I couldn’t choose. There was Christmas Day when I got up to find that I actually had a Christmas stocking and it had presents in it! And more — my friend’s husband, who was a painter before he lost his vision to macular degeneration at a young age — had given me a painting of the very area to which I’d then recently moved. It was just a beautiful Christmas. And it included riding a horse — something I didn’t think I could do!!!

There was the moment of seeing the Sandhill Cranes for the first time. Lily loving the snow — even the moments when Lily died had an absolute unforgettable beauty. In fact, I’d relive the whole twelve months, the writing and painting and new friendships forming, older friendships maturing, revisiting old haunts in Denver, connecting with a best friend from earlier days, a new puppy, moose tracks in the snow, frost on the branches in the dead of winter, my first garden here in Monte Vista, the sight of my beautiful neighbor coming over with an invitation to a craft show, a stranger and a policeman helping me right my fallen trash can, a drive across the Rocky Mountains — THROUGH the Rocky Mountains — with a friend to visit a college near Aspen, more of my native state than I had ever seen before and yet? Familiar roads linked up; snow on the top of Vail Pass. The Potato Festival and reconnecting with the dad and daughter who’d come trick-or-treating the Halloween before as a knight in chain mail and a princess. The trip over the pass on a train that pulled cars from The City of New Orleans (riding in one!) to hear John McCutcheon, visiting a small goat ranch and being close to a yak for the first time (I loved her). Seeing livestock guarding dogs at work. The sweet visit of my wonderful step-daughter-in-law and all our conversations and, with her, a brief visit to Santa Fe through the late fall landscape of Northern New Mexico. Green chili at Ninos. Stopping to buy chilis and piñon and ending up with a bag of homegrown Johnathon apples. The first Rocky Ford cantaloupe in more than thirty years! Having a novel accepted by a publisher, publishers. Writing the novel. Hallowe’en with my friends, a hike with friends to the Paint Mines, a brunch celebrating the anniversary of my return to Colorado. The potato fields in bloom, the dust from the barley harvest, sunsets, my friend’s developmentally disabled son, with his extraordinary patience and keen eye being the FIRST person to spot the hidden horned owl in the tree during the Crane Festival bus tour.

No way to choose.

11 thoughts on “No Way to Choose the Best Day of This Year

  1. Great day in the morning. Have you been a busy body. 🙂 You surely haven’t lacked in the entertainment department. Your new place fits you like a glove and the way you describe it- well it sounds heavenly.

  2. What an eventful 12 months! I’m practically a hermit by comparison (I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere farther than my front porch in at least two months) so, pardon me while I live vicariously through you for a few minutes.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my post — most of the things I’ve written about occurred within only a few miles of my front porch. I just moved here a year ago so the last 12 months were filled with new sights in a new world.

      • Still, farther than I’ve been, and far more eventful. We’re having a “more kids than car seats” problem right now, so I’m mostly stuck at home until we get a larger vehicle. It’s alright by me, though, since I tend to be overly shy and not fond of going out in the first place. I prefer to read my adventures. 🙂

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