Tell me Why-y-y-y

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.” Why do you blog?

I began writing a blog (still don’t like “blog” as a verb nor do I like “journal” as a verb) when my relationship with the Evil X came to an end. That blog (on Blogger) was mostly private, but I allowed a very few readers “in.” I was pretty trashed emotionally and financially and I got the idea of writing about ONE good memory every day. It was a way of brightening the darkness. Those are also stories so I was practicing writing again. I tried to make them thoughtful and interesting to read. The blog was also a catharsis and a place to think. I did not write much about the Evil X as there was no reason to KEEP him in my life after I ejected him. I was curious about my tendency to pick men or attract men or whatever who were dependent and mean. I thought I might find an answer by consciously writing around that question.

Ultimately I decided it didn’t matter why. What mattered was that I didn’t do it again.

I began to write a blog on WordPress (as many who read my blog already know) because I read in a book that it was an important part of a writer’s “platform” to have a blog about their book and that blog should be on WordPress. Voila. gets virtually no action and never has. It has yet to launch my career as a famous writer, but some of the readers of THIS blog have read my novel and have enjoyed it and been kind enough to leave reviews on Amazon. Best of all, we’ve had some “conversations” about the book that have been pure pleasure for me.

Sorry for being mostly MIA. I have been visiting friends and at the moment a friend is visiting me. Soon everything will be back to normal so if you’ve been pining in my absence, you can go ahead and wash those hankies. πŸ˜‰

6 thoughts on “Tell me Why-y-y-y

    • Dusty has missed Tabby. All the critters he’s been spending time with over the past week are a lot more challenging than a cat a few thousands of miles away. He’s tired old dog right now!

  1. Don’t feel guilty and there is no need to explain. Everybody needs a break now and then and sometimes that break needs to be extended, as it was/is in my case.

    Have a lovely visit with friends. Nothing better than to get rested and refreshed.

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