and THEN… Calhan Paint Mines

I spent the last weekend with friends in Colorado Springs. It was good to leave Heaven for a while and do different things. Anyone who’s read Martin of Gfenn knows I’m intrigued by the way pigments are made. Outside Colorado Springs is a place called the Paint Mines where for centuries local Indian tribes got paint for face painting and clay for pots. Some of the people I knew in high school used to go there to get clay but I had never even heard of it until I moved back last fall. My friends and I visited this weekend and it was really beautiful. Here are photos.


The pink rock is very soft. Unfortunately, it’s now illegal to take pigment out of this place because I’d love to try it!


Trail into the heart of the Paint Mines


I had to wonder what put the hole there — weather or people over the ages taking the ochre clay?

But the biggest discovery of all is that I can now walk well enough to keep up with my friends so I decided to put off the knee surgery at least until summer and probably until Medicare can foot (ha ha) some of the bill.

6 thoughts on “and THEN… Calhan Paint Mines

  1. Fascinating all the uses clay has been put to. I’m just back from Rhodes, Greece where clay, as in many places, was traditionally used in house building, and many patios (even I’m sure the one around our hotel) are still made from clay. A natural product that’s cheap and effective. Local pottery too used the local clay, though where the pigments for decoration came from we weren’t told.

  2. Great photos that are so interesting. And that is marvelous news- that you are walking much better. I hope the improvement continues You never know- it just might.

  3. Interesting with the pigmants. there are cliffs on the Isle of Wight, south of england, with various coloured sands. I want to lose weight, but only in the Southern part of the body, but have not yet found out how to do it. Let me know if you discover the secret.

    • Yeah — I don’t know how it will go but I’m giving it a shot. In the past it has been simply eating less and exercising more. My weight has been the same for several years and that won’t make it easier because I have a sense my body “likes” it here. 🙂

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