In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “FAQ.” Interview someone — a friend, another blogger, your mother, the mailman — and write a post based on their responses.

“What’s your full name?”
“Polar Bear T. Dog, but I just go by ‘Bear’.”
“Are you a bear?”
“No. I’m a puppy. I’m a big white puppy. That what she says I am. She says, ‘You big white dog, you’. The vet, too. He says I’m just a ‘big ol’ white dog’.”
“How old are you, Bear?”
“Seven months and change.”
“And you’re already THAT big? You’re as big as your older brother, Dusty T. Dog!!!”
“‘I’m quite as big for me as you are big for you‘.”
“How do you like living with your – mom? Is that your mom?”
“Adopted mom, I guess. We call her our human. I like it a LOT. I LOVE my big brother, Dusty T. Dog and my sister, Mindy T. Dog. Our human is nice to me and loves me and takes me for walks and gives me food. We even took a long trip to Colorado Springs and I got to visit my cousins, Shoe, Coda and Satchmo and we went on two hikes! She even teaches me things. I love learning things. I’m pretty smart. Our human says I’m VERY smart. But I just want to stay here so I try to make sure that everything goes OK.”
“Where were you before?”
“I was in a big pen. There were a lot of other dogs around. They had their own pens. I was only there a little while. Before that I was just wandering around trying to find a place to live.”
“When was that?”
“Three human months ago. I know this because my human told me. I was a young puppy when she found me.”
“Where did she find you?”
“On that stupid Facebook thing she looks at when she could be playing with ME. I knew when I saw her the first time that I wanted to live with her.”
“How did you know?”
“She came out to meet me. She stood a few feet from my pen and I started to run to the side near where she was standing and I was going to jump up, but something about her told me ‘No. Sit.’ So I sat and looked at her. Then the nice girl who takes care of the dogs in that place let my human come in my pen. At first I was shy, but when my human started to leave, I was afraid she wasn’t going to take me with her after all.”
“What did you do?”
“I was just a puppy and I lost control. I jumped up on her back.”
“What did she do?”
“She turned around. She put her hands on both sides of my head. She told me it would be OK. Then she kissed me and held me close to her. She came back a few days later and brought me here to meet Dusty T. Dog and Mindy T. Dog.”
“Then what happened?”
“She took me back to the place. Now I know she wasn’t ready for me yet. A couple of days later, she came and got me for reals.”
“So you’re happy now?”
“Oh yes, and I have work to do every day.”
“I help my human break down cardboard boxes so she can put them in the trash. I have other jobs, too.”
“Like what?”
“I have to guard our stock against large predators such as bears and mountain lions.”
“How’s that going?”
“Pretty well. So far, they’ve all stayed away.”


16 thoughts on “Bear

  1. Bear you have a good name and are living up to it. Do you intend growing more? It might be that you will have to get a new bed, something like your own bedroom.

  2. Oh dear, is it possible that you’re a girl? I can’t remember. I had a peek at you lying on your back, and hmmm, I’m wondering if I haven’t made an embarrassing mistake like I did the day I complimented a First Nations mother on her beautiful boy until I noticed a corner of the pink blanket she was lying on. Oh dear. Foot-in-mouth disease lives here!

    • Hi Susannah! Don’t be embarrassed. I don’t care whether I’m a girl or a boy. I’ve been spayed, anyway. My human says you like big dogs such as Malamutes. She likes Malamutes, too, but I think she likes me better.

  3. Well, you’re a beautiful girl anyway, even if I am just a little biased. I do like big dogs, and I have a “thing” for Mals, even though they’re a bit opinionated and shed buckets and buckets of hair.

    Speaking of Mals, I’m going to be a grandmother again soon, I think. Our pack leaders are getting another Malamute puppy sometime around Christmas, and we’re going to visit the puppies after they’re born to see which one will be ours. I can’t wait! And Grampa and I get to dog-sit this little guy or gal when the pack leaders are at work.

    So we’ll be dog people again before too long. Our whole pack is excited!!!

    Well, it’s been nice chatting with you, Bear. As I mentioned before, come a visit us on WordPress again soon.


    • Hi Megan, there are two theories. I am probably either an Akbash or a mix of Akbash or Great Pyrenees with Australian shepherd. My human doesn’t see any point in having my DNA tested since she’s stuck with me whatever I am. 🙂

  4. Bear–this was the perfect interview–funny, informative, a little heart wrenching. I think you fit in with the rest of the family just fine. And what a protector you are! Those bears and mountain lions know better now!

    • Thank you! I LOVE my family that’s WHY I am protecting them from bears and mountain lions. My big brother Dusty T. Dog is in charge of protecting us from the post man who seems like a nice guy to me.

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