H and the Goats

H and the Goats

A few years ago I tried a painting with oils (the first since high school) and liked it so much that I began painting pretty much ONLY with oils with a watercolor thrown in for the hell of it. Today I started a painting of my step-granddaughter and decided to use acrylics. I used NEVER to paint with oils and ONLY painted in acrylics, but it’s been more than 20 years. I liked it! Even though the paints I have right now are old and not great quality, and did not feel as good as oils, it was still a really positive experience. The painting’s not done, but I think I like it fine, so far! It’s 8 x 10 The colors are off because I took the photo against the light.

13 thoughts on “Acrylics!

    • Thank you! That cornflower painting was a cool experience to paint! I was worried about the blue that it was unnatural and exaggerated but a bee came into my shed as I was painting and tried to land on it so I knew I was good to go.

  1. That’s really good work, Martha! It has alot of ENERGY. You probably know this, but if you want your acrylics a little more blendable, you can add a tiny bit of something alkaline like liquid detergent. And you can do flat blocks of underpainting in acrylic and use oil over it if you like too! I buy acrylics cheap at Walmart for underpainting and at least it seems like I’m saving money.

  2. Like your painting. I did a bit of painting many years ago. What struck me when I moved from oil to acrylics was the lack of smell. I had grown fond the the linseed oil/turpentine smell that I associated with painting, and acrylics have no smell to stir memories. Big advantage of them, though, is the quick drying time – especially when you need to cart your latest effort, finished ten minutes previously, to class.

    • That’s a BIG advantage — and I certainly noticed that yesterday. I like the smell of oil paint. The paint I’ve been using lately uses safflower oil more than it uses linseed oil and that has no smell. The solvent is different, too, and is nearly odorless. The company is Gamblin and besides making wonderful paint, one of their things is studio safety. But it still smells like oil paint. This painting was fun and I got some advice from a painter friend about good acrylic paint so I bought some yesterday. It’s also cheaper than oil paint…

      • LOL, I have only briefest experience with oil, watercolor and acrylic paints — there is no way I could’ve lived with oil’s slow drying time, I’m sure! But what part of this lovely piece do you have to “finish”?

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