Fame Update — Isn’t it Ironic?

Well, folks, as I was writing my response to the Daily Prompt this morning, I received an email from the small press who had asked to see my novel, The Schneebeli Brothers Go to Church (real title The Brothers Path). They want to publish it.

It’s a small publisher that operates on Print on Demand. The advantage to me would be their marketing capabilities; they would have more resources for selling my book than I have, but not a lot better ability to get the print book into bookstores. 😦

So…I have to draft a tactful email to them that expresses my continuing interest, but letting them know that another publisher has asked to see the manuscript and I would like to send it to them.

I cannot call this a bad quandary.

13 thoughts on “Fame Update — Isn’t it Ironic?

    • It’s only somewhat great. They have as much trouble getting their books into book stores as self-published writers do. But at least I know that I can publish and market my book with help. It’s definitely a step forward!

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