Cary Aloia and Evelyn Sprouse-Rowe: Valley Art Co-op’s New Artists!

Rio Grande Art and Gifts

If you come into the Valley Art Co-op Gallery and Shop you’ll notice LOTS of new work! The co-op has two new members whose work is now on display.

Cary Aloia Owl on Frosted Branches Photo by Cary Aloia

Cary Aloia  is a wetland biologist whot works the San Luis Valley in Colorado and throughout the US. Her love and knowledge of nature are apparent in her photographs which are often evocative and mysterious. She says of her work as a biologist that it “allows me to experience many different landscapes and wildlife that I capture through photography.”  Her familiarity with the world she photographs gives her the chance to capture some of nature’s quieter and more intimate moments. She says of her photographs, “…They are usually not crisp images but blurred in some way to try and show a different perspective, instill a feeling, and ask a question.” In the Valley Art Co-op Gallery and…

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