The Great (Illusionary) Love of My Life

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Out of Reach.” Write about the one X that got away — a person, an experience, a place you wanted to visit. How much would you change about your life to have it within reach again?

There is this person — I’ve written about him already. The story is truly romantic and many of my blog readers believe it’s not over.

It’s over.

But part of me, of course, wishes it weren’t. Still, I learned NOT to listen to my mother from that experience. She knew a LOT but she didn’t know what was going to happen in THAT story in MY life.

There is an experience, though…

I was in San Diego, sitting at a dining table with people I knew. One of them — the host — was a new friend. He was starting up an outdoor adventure company that was going to offer horse back riding tours in Mongolia. He needed an American who could manage in Chinese. I was both those things at that time (1985). I didn’t really understand what he was saying. It sounded like a pipe-dream.

It wasn’t. It became Boojum Adventures and I could have gotten in on the ground floor.

At this point, I don’t know what I’d do to get a second chance at the experience. I think I made the right choice. I think adventures like that were important to me as dreams. I think my own life — as it worked out — was the adventure belonging to me. For extra points, which of the two photos is Mongolia and which is the San Luis Valley?  ❤


15 thoughts on “The Great (Illusionary) Love of My Life

    • Also, I don’t know if I skipped Mongolia, but I didn’t feel adequate for the job. I didn’t think my Mandarin was good enough and I didn’t know much about horses AND after a year of essentially camping in China, part of me was done with physical discomfort…

  1. Hmmm, Im beginning to like blogs with quizzes. Anyhow, I sort of know horses and I stress “sort of” but photo number one is in Mongolia. The horses have a different shaped head and a stocky body and are generally not as tall as other horse breeds.

    I can say that I blamed you for not going on that adventure. An entire year is long time to “rough it.”

    • It would have been my career… I’d recently (1982) spent a year in China and had learned that while I adapted to the discomforts (constant) very well, I wasn’t really the person who wanted to live that way. I was a bit disappointed to find I’m not a world adventurer. You get the extra points! (Whatever they’re for!)

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