4 thoughts on “Feeling It

  1. Amazing what a house does to us. When I moved from NJ to FL, I bought the cutest little house in an old section of town. After a husband and two kids, we were bursting at the seams and moved to a house that I have managed to blot out of my mind. I love our house now, but when we head downtown, I always have to drive by ‘the old house’ to revisit. Prices have gone nuts in that neighborhood, but it was way too small for all of us to live sanely. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t ever ‘my very first house’ Good post, Martha–I enjoyed this.

    • Thank you! When I moved into that place I didn’t know what was ahead, neither for me or for the US and the CA economy. I envisaged staying there forever. But now it’s in my heart forever so that’s kind of the same thing and THIS is a far better place for me. I think it (the little stone house) was holding me close until I could get my freedom. ❤

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