Mine is Better vs. The Truth

What commonly accepted truth (or “truth”) do you think is wrong, or at least seriously doubt?  Why?

Truth is “a direct correspondence between thought and reality.” (Mortimer Adler) It is only THE truth, not “a” truth. We know THE truth about many things, but there are others about which we may never know THE truth. Things we know through faith and those we favor as a result of the idiosyncrasy of personal taste cannot be proven or disproven except through the “organs” of their existence; faith or taste.

Many people resist this idea. Unfortunately, resisting the truth of Truth (which, right now is, “I don’t know in any demonstrable way”) causes things like the Crusades, the Nazi death camps, ISIS and on and on and on. If people could accept that the Truth of their faith 1) cannot be proven conclusively to others EXCEPT by faith and that 2) this alleviates them from having to kill others as a mode of persuasion the world would be far better.

But the search for Truth lags behind our passions and so here we are in a world that has not been able to outgrow that most primitive of human weaknesses, “Mine is better” thinking. For some reason it’s not enough that pluralities exist in the world (thereby showing that pluralities are the truth of the world), humans must fight each other.

I’m a person who does not believe in any religion and the main reason I do not believe in any religion is because it’s clear to me that every religion will limit and define that which is in its very essence infinite. That goes beyond being a mere paradox into a clear dichotomy. I don’t deny the existence of some kind of divine spirit, but I’m OK with saying that I don’t know what it is and that my not knowing what it is does NOT mean it’s not there. I feel sorry for God, poor guy, up there on Mt. Sinai, trying to explain his nature to Moses, that poor scared man, and all Moses wanted was a name he could use to talk to others. I think that, right there, is the whole story. Essential nature vs. a name.

Or as in Emerson’s “Self-Reliance,”He who would gather immortal palms must not be hindered by the name of goodness, but must explore if it be goodness.”  Key word, “name.”

Mankind has fought over names of God ignoring the infinite beyond the name. The Truth is we don’t really know what it is; only that there is SOMETHING and we don’t know WHY we know it. So science and religion are at odds when they should be delighted with each others discoveries. The Bible (regardless of how much I might like it) doesn’t “prove” anything and science is just mankind looking.

And of course I do think others should agree with me, and that’s probably because, as for everyone else, mine is better. 😉


12 thoughts on “Mine is Better vs. The Truth

  1. Martha, you did some fine writing here. I loved every line. I’m not trying to gain your favor but you really write in a profound way- on some of the touchiest subjects.

    I must admit the I agree with what you have written. Christians say the Bible is the truth. My thinking is that it was written by many men and some of it was to scare the wits out of folks, some was written as history, some was written to gain a following and on and on. And, of course there are the non-Christians as you have written, who want to kill others for not believing there way as the truth. I just do not understand the reasoning.

    I know I deviated from the crux of this post and I apologize for that. Your post could generate a lot of debate but I’m afraid that most folks don’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole.

    • The paradox of faith is that if a person has it, they don’t need to prove anything. their knowledge is faith-based, not fact based, and if they were TRULY faithful, they’d be OK with that, just believe and get on with their lives. Lots of people do that. Most of them, I think. Disputing religion is faithlessness. I really love “god” whatever that is. I tested atheism a few years ago and after going with it for a while, I decided that it wasn’t for me any more than organized religion is for me. Both of them limit the infinite. It’s no more “no god” than “this is god and only this is god.” They appeared to me to be the same thing.

      And yeah, I don’t think people will touch this one with a ten foot pole and that’s probably for the best. I’m glad you wrote, though!!!! Thank you.

      • I like your wisdom and rationale. I not an atheist nor an agnostic and like you I don’t believe in an organized religion but I do pray to a higher power what ever that is. My mother used to say that God helps those that help them selves. Oh well, best to stop here.

      • I don’t know where I’d be right now if it hadn’t been for the Bible verse: “Take no thought for the morrow. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” That’s really faith, in a practical sense. 🙂

  2. I have never gone into it so much in detail, but I am an atheist. Perhaps because I am too logical to think otherwise. I can see the connections in nature, but not so much in religion. I am tolerant, but do not belong. And the truth is often a matter of interpretation.

    • The “truth” of religion is definitely a matter of interpretation then it gets worse when people have to be right. Like you, I’m tolerant but I do not belong. I’m accepting but know that I might not be accepted. Most of the time I am, so it’s all fine.

    • The only thing you prove is why you belief and that right there is the absence of faith. I think it takes courage to say, “I believe this because I believe it” which is THE truth. But then people ask, “WHY do you believe it?” and few people are able to say, “Faith = belief. There is no rational explanation for it. You can take it or leave it, Dude.” The most important thing is the inclusion of the word, “Dude.”

      • But then, too, others have to be aware enough to accept the faith of others as a rationale for itself (which it is) and leave them alone to believe what they believe.

        I don’t like goat cheese. That in and of itself is a fact. It doesn’t require any explanation. Faith is the same kind of deal… OH well!

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