Forever 12/13

Daily Prompt Golden Age If you had to live forever as either a child, an adolescent, or an adult, which would you choose — and why?

I ran faster than anyone. I played ball better than anyone. I could read anything. I had no job, no onerous responsibilities. My dad was doing pretty good and my mom and I hadn’t started fighting yet. My brother was a happy kid of 11. I thought Nebraska was great. I had a bike. The forest was nearby. I had a great best friend who had a horse. I wasn’t interested in boys yet, not really. My school — Brownell Hall/Talbot School in Omaha — was wonderful.

But I’m OK with things as they are because my mom would never let me keep a dog.

16 thoughts on “Forever 12/13

  1. Is that Dusty or Mindy and the new puppy? My mum wouldn’t let me keep a dog either, but we always had a cat (because of the mice that my mum did not like). Mr. Swiss grew up with dogs, his dad had them for hunting – unfortunately, but they always had a house dog. It is always easy to wish it had been better, but we all made our way somehow I suppose.

    • I had a beagle but she was a chicken killer and got arrested by the sheriff. 😦 She brought them home for us to eat, but… And I had a big red dog, but I didn’t train him so due to my own ignorance I had to take him to the pound 😦 Those were my dogs. When I had to take my big red dog to the pound I got a big lecture from one of my aunts and I told her that when I grew up I was going to have a LOT of BIG dogs (and I have had about 20 of them since I was 35 🙂 )

  2. We always had dogs and cats. Sometimes both at the same time, sometimes only one. Usually at least a dog. My mother loved dogs and they made her feel safe.

    Adolescence was not my shining time. I think my 20s and 30s were a kind of personal best. It wasn’t when I looked prettiest, but I was physically strong, healthy, and as free as I would ever be … even with a full time job, a baby, a husband, and a house full of permanent guests.

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