Dude and Lamont Ponder a Rod Stewart Song


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.”

“Wasn’t that a pop song back in the day?”

“Which day, Dude?”

“Yeah, right, right?”

“They want to know whether if there were a Fountain of Youth we’d drink from it. That’s funny because I have a friend whose cat is named Pounce de Leon.”

“I remember him. But back then everyone was looking for the elixir of life or something.”

“Still are.”

“Such little faith. Of course, we all get old — if we’re lucky — but we get to die and come back, and that’s ENDLESSLY (it seems) interesting.”

“Not when you come back a newt.”

“Good point, Lamont, but there’s worse than being a newt. There’s being a slug.”

“Shudder. I hear you, man, but the good part is no one’s a slug for long.”

“Did you like the song when it came out?”

“Yeah, I did, so here it is.”


4 thoughts on “Dude and Lamont Ponder a Rod Stewart Song

  1. Pounce de Leon is the best name I’ve ever heard for a cat. Garry asked me how many people would get the reference. I said “anyone who didn’t sleep through fourth grade” and he raised an eyebrow and I said, “What you really want to know is whether or not everyone is as stupid as you think they are, don’t you.”

    I sighed. Because there are so many stupid people.

  2. Returning as a slug in a rain forest would be perfect, but not if you arrive in the Sahara desert. Drinking from the fountain of youth is no big deal especially in WordPress. i would be repeating daily prompts again and again and again, there would be no end to it. Let’s remain old and wise and wait for the day when our knowledge and experience is recognised.

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