Yes, I Would Take the Pill

Daily Prompt Red Pill, Blue Pill If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?

It seems many people these days are “foodies” — and I guess that means people who are interested in food as a subject of life, a hobby. When I was a kid, moms all seemed to look for good recipes to feed their families and from time to time my mom was part of one or the other lady’s luncheon group, but I don’t think anyone was a “foodie.” The word we had back then was “gourmet” and that word smacked of exotic elites who did not consider caviar fish bait.

Now we have foodies — and some other things that I think go with it such as “body image acceptance.” The average size for women back then was a 12 and the measurements on the Simplicity patterns I sewed for a 12 were 32/24/34. Yep. A size 2 today. The average sized woman today is a 14 and our current measurements for THAT did not even exist on the back of the Simplicity pattern for “misses”. They might have been found on the next category of patterns, but I never saw those. All you have to do to see the difference between then and now is watch a film from the seventies like Shampoo or I Love You Alice B. Toklas.

I’m not a “foodie.” Food is food. My requirements are very simple. It has to taste good. I am a good cook when I want to cook, but most of my friends think I don’t cook and that’s OK with me. I can actually cook some pretty incredible Italian dishes one would never find on a menu in an Italian restaurant. I was taught by my friend (RIP) Pietro, but I have yet to have the occasion. For a while in the 70s I was in a gourmet cooking competition with some friends, but for me it was more social than anything though I won from time to time. Cooking is a lot of work and then everyone eats it and it’s gone.

Just a few days ago a friend stopped by on her way from there to there. She had chocolate chip cookies and we shared them, talked, had tea. She said, “I bet you’ve never even made chocolate chip cookies.” I was stunned.

She is interested in food. She took my lack of interest in food for ignorance. It was an interesting moment for me. I thought about how we all do that. We assume that someone who doesn’t share our interests simply doesn’t know anything about them and if they DID know they’d be as passionate as we are. I said, “Are you kidding? I’ve made chocolate chip cookies lots of times. I started cooking when I was 7.” And I told her the story of making hot dogs and fried potatoes for the family supper while my mom was doing her Cub Scout Den Mother thing in the basement.

But it would be nice to have the choice of cooking meals and taking a pill. Maybe I wouldn’t always take the pill, but it would be nice to have as an option.

Oh, as for caviar? I’ve had some of the best. In the 70s. Caviar from Iran, from the Caspian Sea. Seriously. None I’ve had since compares. A story for a different blog post.

4 thoughts on “Yes, I Would Take the Pill

  1. Food is part of life, but I do eat to live and not the other way around. I like to know what is in the meal I am eating if possible. My mum could not cook, so I do not know where I got cooking from. I don’t mind caviar, but am not an expert. As you say cooking is a lot of work, it is eaten, it has gone and the last two need less than half the time of the first. Short cuts are a welcome choice when cooking.

    • My mom was a good cook; it was an important skill in her family growing up, I guess. In my case, I learned it so early in my life that it was almost like breathing or reading or cleaning house. You just do it. But yeah; the work involved to make a fabulous meal is absurd — that last time I did that was Thanksgiving 2003. I cooked for a dozen people (it took two days) and after we ate (20 minutes, max) I had to clean up and that took the rest of the afternoon and evening. I decided then to get a smoked turkey so I wouldn’t have to deal with that chore… I agree. Short cuts are so welcome!

  2. I’m not a foodie. I don’t much cook though I have at certain times in my life. I cooked more when I was vegan since there was so little available at that time. But now that i”m just vegetarian (I love cheese!) there’s plenty of prepared food, especially at my co-op, that I don’t have to be as creative.

    The size issue bugs me. I was skinny most of my life to my late 30s, and I could eat anything I wanted. I was appalled when I hit a weight that actually got me into the acceptable range of BMI. No clothes fit me then, but that was okay because I could make clothes, just adding length to the arms legs and torso of the clothes. Now, more than 80 pounds heavier, I crave that old metabolism, and would be happy to dump 50 of those 80 pounds.

    It would also help if I had a decent kitchen. There’s nothing worse than a kitchen with no counter space to prepare food on. All the counter space that would work for that is under the steeply sloping roof. The 5’2″ woman who lived here before me had no problem. My 5’11” frame won’t fit.

    • I’ve been amazed at the power of genetics. I’ve always been very active; I am not a big eater but I doubt that as long as I’m healthy, I’ll ever be slender again. I’m my grandma. I don’t even weigh much more than I did when I was slender. It’s weird, but being a garden gnome has a kind of charm, I guess.

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