Lots of Habits, Why?

Daily Prompt Breakdown Tell us about a habit you’d like to break. Is there any way it can play a positive role in your life?

A couple of years ago, Starbucks’ Christmas theme was, “Celebrate Rituals.” I thought that was lame since most of our rituals ARE celebrations but WHATEVER.

I’m sixty-three years old and right now I’d say most of the habits I have are more part of daily ritual than they are habits. There are things I do because experience has taught me things work better that way. I love coffee, but I only drink one (large and very strong) cup every morning. I eat three meals a day at regular intervals. I eat moderately (but you’d never know that from looking at me, sad to say; genetics has powers of its own). I keep my house on the clean side since chaos keeps me from being able to write or paint or feel free in my mind. I get up before 8 am. I shower regularly. I exercise every day. Are those habits?

I don’t actually have many vices. I have seen what vices do to others and since I’m the last man standing among my more vice-ridden group of young friends, I don’t really have to say more. I think some habits I do not like include checking Facebook, but I’m slowly eliminating that (and I think it’s a vice). For this reason I haven’t been using my laptop as much as “usual.” I’m trying to change “usual.” That means I’m not here as much…

Bad habits I avoid but could be and have been prey to include self-indulgence, low self-esteem, paranoia, envy, thumb-sucking… But is this anyone’s business other than mine?

I think many people looking at my life would find it routine and monotonous. They might not understand that I’m always up for changing the mold because I can return to it. I have the kind of personality and mentality that needs to be grounded for the best things in me to flourish. I do not want to be the cliché of the suffering, depressive artist. That’s no way to BE an artist.



8 thoughts on “Lots of Habits, Why?

  1. There’s that habit I have of going into work everyday after my morning ritual, which is pretty much your morning ritual. The only positive thing about work is it pays the bills. Oh, and there is my other habit of being on the sarcastic side. No way in hell is that habit going away. 🙂

  2. I think most rituals are habits..and that is the point of them. There are people for whom art becomes a habit, or writing, or anything–as you say, showering. If we break the mold and do it in a new way, does it cease to become habit? Not necessarily. For some, breaking the mold is habit. In the end, everything is just semantics. We all choose our patterns in life and the dissimilarity between those patterns is what makes life interesting..

  3. I think your habits are admirable. I don’t have a routine at all- I go about life very casual now. Go to bed late and eat when ever. My habits revolve around my animals and taking my meds on time. That’s about it-maybe. 🙂

  4. We all have our little habits and other people are so quick to judge on these habits. She always does this, always does that, etc. etc. I think habits are part of the spice of life. My habit used to be daily prompt until they killed it. I have now found something else that I will probably try. A sort of fresh start perhaps, who knows. Just writing about “what I did today” is not only boring for me, but not the essence of life. And now to clean the place up – now that is a habit I distinctly do not enjoy.

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