Pupdate. Bear Settles In

Bear is growing VERY fast and her brain is developing, too. It’s fun to watch her solve problems. She’s VERY friendly, has a deep, scary bark (that I’m trying to control to some extent and she’s willing to learn when it’s OK and when it’s not). She is learning to ride in the car, but she still hasn’t learned to jump up into the car (I don’t think she see’s there’s anything to jump up into — she’s too short). She went on her first mountain hike and did great. She can walk about a mile and she’s exhausted, but that’s pretty far for a 4 1/2 month old puppy. She loves children and has learned to sit for pats. She’s also learned “Down” and we’re working on “Heel.” She’s good on the leash — there was never any need to teach her to like the leash; in fact she liked it so much she slept with it for the first few days she was here. I think she KNEW it was the tool that brought her here.

I’ve continued studying the breed and it’s fascinating. They are often put with their stock the minute they’re old enough — and that would be about Bear’s age. They’re calm, gentle and quiet dogs so they don’t scare the (semi-lobotomized as a species) sheep. My friend L observed Bear’s incredibly calm behavior and was really impressed.

Dusty is jealous and I feel bad that he didn’t get this kind of attention and training when he was a puppy, but at that time I was on the brink of having, had, and was recovering from hip surgery. He went to stay at a professional trainer for 6 weeks which was really the thing that saved him as a possible pet. She worked with him all the time and socialized him very well. Before then he was terrified of everything. Now he’s just a nervous guy who has no idea of how to play. If Bear plays with Mindy, Dusty gets in between them. I haven’t figured out which one he wants to protect.

I’m very glad I got her. She’s a great dog. Today we went for a walk at the local park and on the way home two little boys wanted to meet her. She was perfect with them.

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