Progress! More than I Imagined Possible. :)

Me and Bear, 8:7:2015

Bear and me at Rock Creek Campground, 8/7/2015

For much of my life I was a very avid hiker and trail runner. Then, about 10 years ago, my right hip went south and I ended up having hip resurfacing surgery in 2007. In between here is a long story (la la la). OK, so the upshot was that my body lost conditioning, my arthritic knees had no support, and I couldn’t hike, never mind run. Often, I could barely walk. After I moved here, in October 2014, surrounded by the Rockies I loved and had missed for 30 years, I was really sad because of all the trails here that were just not going to be for me. BUT I bought an Airdyne (stationary bicycle) and started working out just hoping to improve, even a little. It was a slow process and I honestly didn’t expect much. As I got stronger, I added other things to the regimen.Β I started 10 months ago and I walk a lot better now — better than anyone (including me) expected.

Friday, my friend L and I took the puppy, Dusty, and L’s dog, Shoe, and went to the area near the Rock Creek campground to check it out (wow in so many ways). I looked at the trail/road and said to L, “Maybe I can run.” I handed L my cane and Bear’s leash and stood there for a minute, taking stock of things and psyching myself up. I took off. I think I ran 30 yards or so and I could have kept going. I wasn’t fast, but I could feel that my form was good and I was well balanced.

It was one of the happiest moments of my life.

17 thoughts on “Progress! More than I Imagined Possible. :)

  1. I am sooooo jealous! If I could run, even thirty feet, I would be so happy! Between knees, right ankle, and a very osteoporotic right hip, it is more than my life is worth to put that load on my joints. The hip apparently is holding on by a thread, and I may go down at any minute. I’m thrilled for you and the dogs for you will soon be climbing in the mountains again!

    • I’m sorry for what you’re facing — I’m lucky that so far there’s no osteoporosis. I don’t think I’ll be doing hills since coming down is still very difficult and painful, but there are a lot of trails in which the inclines aren’t dramatic. I never in a million years expected this.

  2. AH, Martha, I’m so glad for you. I know you often wrote about how much you missed walking and hiking so now I think you are on the mend. I you were able to run, then your hips and knees are in pretty darn good shape. You can only move forward at this point.

  3. This blog caught my eye yesterday, Martha ready to go with new dog. I thought it was lovely and admire that you meet your challenge . It must be wonderful to walk on those trails in the Rockies, I am just an amateur in comparison. I too had a success yesterday by climbing all the steps up the river bank without making a pause. Yes those little daily triumphs make you feel good. By the way I really love that action photo.

    • πŸ™‚ I’m working on it. The biggest part of it is the stationary bike. It’s allowed me to develop muscles without taxing my joints. No matter what, I have to keep riding that thing. Fortunately it’s not completely boring, only 75% boring. But little successes here and there (starting in January with being able to get up off the floor!) make it worthwhile.

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