Daily Prompt Through the Window Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

“Well Lamont?”

“Leafy green trees, pick-ups dragging fifth-wheels, semi-trucks, it’s a highway.”


“It’s more about hearing it than seeing it, but sometimes interesting vehicles go by. I like the ones with animals.”

“You know where the animals are going, don’t you?”

“Not always. What are you saying?”

“Well, these are farmers and ranchers earning a living here, Lamont. It’s not a petting zoo.”

“OK, Dude. I don’t want one of your faux-Vegan lectures. You know as well as I do that…’

“What goes around comes around.”

“You’re spending way too much time on Facebook.”

2 thoughts on “Windows

  1. So true. I don’t think that is anything I will ever get used to. thank goodness we have mainly milk cows. I do know that the famers with chickens have them exchanged for new chickens when they are no longer laying – sad, but I still eat roast chicken. I love that view from the window. That is a king sized cattle truck. I have never seen cattle picked up here, but probably because I don’t live next to a farm. It all happens across the road.

  2. I often have a lot of trouble reconciling my feeling about animals with eating meat. So we eat very little meat. Still have to figure out how to deal with fish and chicken. Pity how much I dislike tofu.

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