Style AGAIN????

Style is not my style. Undue concern with one’s style lacks style, in my book. I did write about this last year, however, and I wrote this. I like red jeans and punk t-shirts. I do not look the same to other people when I wear this stylish outfit as I do in my mind, but, you know, whatever. I’ll stick with my “personal style.”

Sometimes I wish I had style. People who do always look a lot better than I do, but I think it’s a little late in the day for me to develop some fashion sense.

6 thoughts on “Style AGAIN????

  1. If style were entirely a matter of clothing, well. I guess you would call me the anti-matter of style! Anything stylish near me would blow up or implode just by being in the same air space! Does dog hair count as an accessory?

  2. Oh, I so agree with Judy! You don’t stand out to fit in. Red jean, punk T-shirts and three big dogs. Oh yeah, Martha. Stylin’ and profilin’! I love it.

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