Polar “Snowflake” O’Bear is growing. She’s eating like the starving little creature she is/has been. Her fur isn’t scruffy and dry any more. It didn’t take long. Five days with good care at our local animal shelter and a few days with me. She’s also beginning to show more of her personality now that she’s not tired, hungry and scared. She’s definitely ready for some formal training, and tomorrow I’m going to try taking her on something like a walk, and hopefully we’ll be alone. As I recall, those first few puppy walks can be pretty strenuous for pup and person and she still has her stitches! The mischievous side of this pup is beginning to emerge. She’s intelligent and will need to be well-stimulated by her life with me. I have a responsibility.

It turns out there is a dog trainer here in the San Luis Valley. I’ve contacted her. Her rates are amazing, but I’d like to see what her classes are like before signing up. I’d like to go with Bear to puppy school because I’d like her to be a well socialized dog. I’d also like to have that time with her away from Dusty and Mindy.

Poor Dusty has never played in his life. He gets nervous when Mindy plays with Bear and wants to protect Mindy from the new-comer. I hope he gets used to it because Mindy clearly enjoys it and it’s good for the puppy.

9 thoughts on “Pupdate

    • She has good teachers, I think, Dusty and Mindy! And she very much wants to be here. She’s an unusual little creature (in my experience, anyway). I feel as if she telepathically said, “I’m bred to be trustworthy so trust me” during the crate incident.

  1. My friend who breeds those big dogs says they only eat like bottomless pits for a few months, after which they eat much less than one might think. I gather this is true of all the huge dogs. I’m following your adventure with much enthusiasm. I love giant dogs even though I don’t want to personally own one 🙂

    • We went on her first walk today. After a couple of tugs on her halter, she walked perfectly at heel. We met my neighbors and a bunch of kids walked by and she was perfect. A couple of guys came over to put up the privacy fence and one of them brought his two little boys, 3 and 4, whom I babysat but the dogs helped. Bear ran up to the littlest one and flopped down on her tummy. She’s lying in the kitchen now beside the leash I used to walk her this morning. I know she wants another one, but she’s still got her stitches and there are more people working on the property — cutting back a dangerously high lilac hedge. I’ve never had a dog so intrinsically intelligent and who desired to make me happy with her. I like her very, very, very much.

      • There is good reason why these dogs are so popular. I remember when they were an obscure, rare breed. I’ve watched them grow from rare to one of the top 20 breeds. And without a big win at Westminster or any special publicity, but by word of mouth. If I could manage any large, long haired breed, it would be a Pyr. They have dignity. A proud breed with a long history. Clearly the right dog for you 😁

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