Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha Oh My, You’re Joking, Right?

Lamont and Dude wrote this last year and they already thought it was stupid beyond belief the first time. We were all living in a cabin in South Fork Colorado waiting for our house deal to be done, so, you know, this prompt came around some 9 months ago?

Well, at least what they wrote was amusing. Here it is from their post entitled, “Enervating Prompt from Hell.”

– Lots of ways to approach this one, dude.
– Like, what?
– How I’ve misused the word “love” for example when I really meant “Do me NOW.”
– You can’t write that here.
– C’mon. I took out the F word for those with squeamish sensibilities.
– Stop laughing.
– Seriously. I use a lot of words wrong and I misspell them, too, and having learned that spelling conventions change, I’ve been in hot dispute with some spellings of words.
– Yeah, but Lamont is this a prompt you really want to write?
– No. But I’m still grateful because I SHOULD do my laundry today and a compelling prompt would keep me here writing. I’m liverated from that, irregardless.
– There’s no such word, Lamont!
– I know! Isn’t this FUN?


2 thoughts on “Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha Oh My, You’re Joking, Right?

  1. Doing the laundry was probably safer. It seems to be a fashion thing these days to garnish everything with a few so-called four letter words. I am not an angel when it comes to exclamations of despair, but I do tend to keep it all to myself.

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