I’m Still Here, Dammit, WP!

Daily Prompt You’re a Winner! You’ve just won $1 billion dollars in the local lottery. You do not have to pay tax on your winnings. How will you spend the money?

I always check with these repeat prompts to see if I like what I wrote last time — this morning I learned I deleted my blog… Too bad because I wrote a GREAT response to this last time that basically said that money can’t buy anything anyone really wants though it can help a lot in times of dire need.

What would I do with a billion dollars? Live on it, travel and replace my garage which is slowly melting. In my will, I’d leave it in trust to my town so it would have some capital with which to attract good businesses in the public service industry, no, not SERVICE industry but an upscale retirement community (I think it would work here). I’d also donate to the city and require that they get at least two snow plows for clearing alleys AND require that they put gravel on the alleys. That would be a BIG help to people, too. I’d build a methadone clinic and residential drug/alcohol rehab, too. Heroin is a problem here. People say it’s a BIG problem but, in my eyes, having lived and traveled in bigger places and having seen where it’s a BIG problem, it isn’t. BUT it’s always a huge problem to anyone who uses it and to their families.

I’d also donate money to the city to buy equipment for mowing the parking — the grassy area between sidewalks and the street. I’d donate money to build a bike/walking path along the ditch that runs around my city. Otherwise, since I think my life is exactly right for me and I don’t feel anything is missing, I’d probably just do that.

Sorry but it’s one of those questions people ask themselves starting in childhood. Most interesting is that when I was a kid, it was only a million dollars. This is another sign of inflation.


5 thoughts on “I’m Still Here, Dammit, WP!

  1. There are prompts you can repeat when you are perhaps still young, lovely and movable and there are prompts that should be squashed, destroyed and buried – yes this is one of them.

  2. You are generous and I like your response. I’d give mine away after I fixed up my run down house but it would benefit dogs, cats, horses and donkeys rescues. Low cost or free vet clinics in very poor parts of the country. I’d also set up scholarships for needy graduates who wanted to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor, veterinarian or nurse.

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